Happy World Teachers’ Day

To all the teachers in my life, thank you! For being a supportive and caring colleague who inspires me and encourages me to be my best every day. For guiding and loving my children in your care, encouraging them to be their best and helping them through their struggles, finding the best ways to engage and teach them. For all the times you didn’t get any sleep because you were worrying about a student or trying to figure out how you could connect with them. For the sacrifices you make in your personal and family lives so the youth today can play on school sports teams, travel to other countries and make friends and memories and gain life skills during lunch and after school clubs and programs. For all of these and the other things you do that may go unrecognized, thank you!


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#IMOOC Purpose of Education

When I first graduated from University in 2000 and was trying to get a teaching position I created a portfolio to show school district representatives everything I had learned in my five years at University. A part of this portfolio was, of course, my Philosophy of Education. Having been a teacher now for about 15 years (minus some maternity leave) I wondered how much my ideals had changed so I dug into my filing cabinet and found the original document.

” A community of inquiry values research and problem-solving to discover the world around them. Members need to develop many skills such as planning, organizing, collecting and recording, communicating, analyzing, and evaluating. Teachers must provide students with opportunities to develop these skills to be functional in such a community.”

I was pleasantly surprised to read parts of the document, like the one above, and realized that even though I hadn’t looked at this statement since getting hired it was still a part of who I am as a teacher and is at the core of my beliefs about education.

However, there are many aspects of education that are missing from this document. Things that my years of University and the time spent in practicums could never have taught me. These beliefs could only be created from my experiences with children I have taught, cared for and loved. Children who have challenged my ideas about what the role of education must be. The purpose of school and my job as a teacher, is so much more than to provide students with opportunities to gain some important skills.


Some of my students come to school each day because they are cared for and loved at school. They are fed, clothed, washed and allowed to sleep if that’s what they need. They have access to counselors and community services. We have staff members who will make doctor or dentist appointments for students and make sure that someone is able to take them, or take them if no one else can. Some students get to just be kids at school, not a caretaker of other family members. They can socialize and make friends and be distracted from the worries in their lives. They get to participate in sports and excel at something that is non-academic.

Education has a very complex role and it will be different for each community and for each student. Teachers will need to have the skills to assess the needs of their community and students, which takes time and real, meaningful relationships. And then they will need time and access to resources to respond to those assessments and provide students with what they need most and when it is needed.  That is our real purpose.


#IMMOOC Blogging Second Attempt

I read Teach Like a Pirate and The Innovator’s Mindset this summer, both very inspiring books that have since brought me here. To this blog.

I have joined the #IMMOOC and have agreed to get back in to blogging, after one huge failed attempt three years ago. Last time I blogged maybe once a month for a year. But since no one read it and commented it was easy to stop writing. There are SO MANY great blogs out there already, my ideas were not going to contribute anything, especially with no one reading them. I have since been reading and commenting when I can, which seems much more productive and a better use of my time. I actually get to have conversations that way!

But I will take this risk, and for the purpose of reflection (trying to practice the characterisitcs of an innovator’s mindset) I will blog once more. Even if no one is reading. But if you are, just post a comment once in a while to let me know you are there.