#IMMOOC Blogging Second Attempt

I read Teach Like a Pirate and The Innovator’s Mindset this summer, both very inspiring books that have since brought me here. To this blog.

I have joined the #IMMOOC and have agreed to get back in to blogging, after one huge failed attempt three years ago. Last time I blogged maybe once a month for a year. But since no one read it and commented it was easy to stop writing. There are SO MANY great blogs out there already, my ideas were not going to contribute anything, especially with no one reading them. I have since been reading and commenting when I can, which seems much more productive and a better use of my time. I actually get to have conversations that way!

But I will take this risk, and for the purpose of reflection (trying to practice the characterisitcs of an innovator’s mindset) I will blog once more. Even if no one is reading. But if you are, just post a comment once in a while to let me know you are there.